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ALTR is transforming the binary nature of drinking in today's culture. Where alcohol is simply an ingredient, you get to choose how much you want, a little, a lot, or none.

The company has developed ALTR FLTR - a revolutionary alcohol reduction technology, removing alcohol at the molecular level through a non-destructive process. It enables a new category of reduced alcohol drinks that will allow alcohol makers and brands to forge unrivaled arms of no and low alcohol businesses.  

Here’s their story: 

a punk rocker, a sober entrepreneur, some nano-tech physicists, a herbalist, and a brewmaster walked into a bar...and couldn't find great-tasting drinks that had less alcohol than a standard drink and didn't have umbrellas in them or were stacked full of sugar.

So they set out on a quest, not just to make incredible tasting drinks with less alcohol, but to create a whole new category - Spectrum Drinking. One for people who want to hang out over a drink but don't always need all the alcohol, maybe some, maybe none, maybe mix and match. True choice without compromise.

ALTR is creating a whole portfolio of technologies, and products that bring their vision to life. Today is the first drink on a wild journey to change the way the world spends time drinking together.

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