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Stories & Ink is an independent brand and the brainchild of two friends, Simon and Stu.

After a decade building surf, skate and lifestyle brands, Simon started his own creative agency, which has gone on to work with some of the most credible global brands. Stu’s passion lies in skincare, with a background in developing consumer-first products that use only the best natural active ingredients and botanical blends.

Together, they founded Stories & Ink – to answer a need unmet by anyone else.

They noticed that despite the acceptance of tattoos in mainstream culture, there was a severe lack of skincare products for people with tattoos. Sure, there were immediate aftercare serums and nappy rash creams repurposed as repair lotions – but no credible brand to help care for tattooed skin, long-term.

So, with that in mind, the two set out to change this. To formulate, develop and launch a skincare range specifically for people with tattoos. No one offs or quick fixes – just quality products that would nourish, define and protect tattooed skin for life.

This is dedicated skincare for you and your ink.

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