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LoveRaw is on a mission to bring you awesome vegan chocolate, not only for vegans but for unvegan vegans too. Using superior ingredients and without compromising on taste.

It all started with a crazy ass idea: Make legendary vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate chocolate! The founders started out in 2013 with £600, a food processor and went on a trip to London. This involved hustling past two receptionists and hand delivering samples to a buyer without a meeting. 

The crazy idea is now reality and has come a long way since the tiny kitchen that formed the beginning.

The brand’s mission now is to continue making legendary kick ass vegan chocolate whilst maintaining their honest, transparent and no artificial nonsense roots. Remove the stigma and prove that vegan chocolate can be decadently indulgent and delicious!

You can be extremely vegan or sometimes vegan: Or what they like to call an “unvegan” vegan. Curious? Just try it. 

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