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Solo has been founded by Alex Foss Sims and Theo Garcia.

They both met working as baristas. The two got as nerdy as you can get about brewing, and after winning a national championship in coffee, they decided to bottle their expertise. They started by flooding their parent’s kitchen, tweaking and perfecting the recipe until they were finally happy to release the finished product.

Speciality coffee is great. But it can get pretty complicated. For them, it felt that an outstanding cup of coffee is hard to come by. It’s easy enough to find a promising bag of coffee beans, but it then takes lots of skill to brew it to perfection, even at a good café the quality seems to be hit and miss. That’s when they decided to make it our mission to make great coffee more accessible.

The name comes from the Spanish “Café Solo”, directly translated as “just coffee” which is the name given to black coffee or espresso. They think there’s something powerful about doing one thing well. Simplifying, not complicating. 

Coffee makes us focussed, dynamic and energetic. Characteristics that enable productivity and creativity. Modern coffee companies are notoriously non-inclusive. Lots of jargon. Lots of snobbery. Lots of facial hair. As a modern coffee company, they feel that it is their right to avoid talking varietals, altitudes and terroir. They don’t feel the need to celebrate just the coffee, they want to also celebrate what it allows them to do.

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