A venture studio for the beautiful things in life.

Dear reader —

First and foremost, thank you for having the interest to reach this page. My favourite story to tell is Pente. 

I set out to build and invest into brands inspired by what’s most important to me, my family, in which I am one of 5 kids. Pente is from the Greek word for the number five. 

I see the emergence of a kinder and more sustainable world, powered by a new generation of businesses. A world where life's luxuries are redefined as happiness being the new rich, inner-peace the new success, health the new wealth and kindness the new cool. 

I aim to support entrepreneurs with big ideas, to help them build strong brands that stand out and that move the world forward. Further, I ambition to partner with the best entrepreneurs, the creative agents of positive and aesthetically appealing change. 

Consequently, Pente Capital is working with the most promising founders and businesses to catalyze change with radical, empathetic visions for a sustainable future.

Michael —

Pente Capital Ltd. is a company incorporated and registered under the laws of the United Kingdom, company number 14278501. We operate as a Venture Studio, investing in and accelerating businesses that promise a better future.

Pente Capital Ltd.
71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden
United Kingdom
Managing Director: Michael Bartenstein
Contact: info@pentecapital.com

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